We are all beautiful and we are unique.

And yet, we all try to conform into the same imperfect clothes.

Designer fashion brand, Danielle Nortier crafts exquisite, made-to-measure clothing pieces that are meticulously tailored to not only fit perfectly but enhance that which makes you as extraordinary as you are. From bespoke formal wear and luxurious bridal couture to that one-off just-because item that makes you stand out and shine, all our designer clothes are made to order, using high quality fabrics and traditional French-tailored finishes.

Bride, business man, hero, graduate, mother, entrepreneur, survivor... Take time to let your clothes reflect the whole of you. 

Because you’re so much more… 

The Process

Being a bespoke designer service, we work with a limited amount of customers every year.
The bespoke garments we design and craft exclusively for you require special attention to detail- and that means working with you to turn your vision into a reality. Together we embark on a journey to bring a beautiful and unique garment to life, perfectly tailored to flatter your body and express your individuality because you’re so much more.

Your satisfaction is our goal so please read about the process of crafting a bespoke garment below:

Initial Consultation: The design process begins with a half an hour one-on-one consultation with Danielle.
For the consultation please gather all your garment ideas & inspiration. During the consultation,
Danielle will get to know you, understand your vision and help you narrow down the design and style of your garment.
The initial consultation will take place in person or over Zoom for outlying customers.

Danielle will take a week to ten days to design and draw sketches of your garment requirements as discussed in the initial consultation. She will research and gather fabric samples for you to choose from. You will be part of the designing process to the smallest detail.
At the end of the designing process you will be presented with:
-The sketches of your garment with every detail.
-Fabric and lace samples
-Colour swatches
-The price quote.


After the price quote has been accepted, a payment of 50% deposit will confirm your order.
Fittings will be arranged ahead of time to accommodate your schedule and will take place at a location of your choice or over Zoom.


Danielle will take detailed measurements to begin to create your custom garment. The garment will perfectly fit your size, body proportions and measurements. For outlying customers , Danielle will guide you how to take your own measurements over Zoom. It takes about 15 minutes to take detailed measurements.

Patern making

Dress fit and dress design

When crafting your desired garment the main focus is that the garment will fold into you perfectly. Every seam and stitch is scrutinized. Every portion is absorbed. Attention to detail is paramount. After the fit is completed we will move on to finalizing the dress design.


We need 1-3 fittings to craft your garment. However, not all designs require an in-person fitting. The fittings take place at a location of your choice or Zoom. On average, fittings are 30 minutes to one hour long but can vary depending on garment/s and detail and will be discussed in advance.

- Generally the first fitting is to make sure the pattern we create fits you perfectly. The ability to adjust your pattern is what allows us a perfect fit and is crucial. The beauty of the first fitting is that you’re refining a pattern, not a finished garment.
- During the second fitting the nearly finished garment will be marked for whatever tweaks and finishing work are necessary.
- The third fitting is what’s called a ‘design fitting’. This is where all the fine details of your garment unfold. Every design feature comes together at this point.
- The final fitting is when you pick up your finished garment. We think it’s best practice to take one last look together, just to be sure all of the final tweaks and design elements came out as desired and there’s no additional work needed.

Please also read our detailed Terms & Condition policy 


I highly recommend Danielle Nortier. She has a beautiful eye and her dressmaking talent was beyond my expectations. Definitely one of the most prestigious designers of her time.

Cicilia Pieterse

I absolutely LOVED my bespoke garment experience with Danielle. The biggest benefit was having a dress that fit MY body and style. Danielle was always more than willing to work with me and ensure that my dress turned out exactly how I wanted it. And to top it all off, she is the nicest person, very humble, very sweet and has a huge heart.

Stella Nortier

I had a specific picture of my Matric Farewell gown in mind.
The problem was, it didn’t exist. (I searched for months!) Danielle brought my vision to life and there is nothing I would change about the experience. The dress was a classically stunning work of art. She is extremely talented and was wonderful to work with. 

Megan Cunningham

About Danielle

Danielle Nortier

Danielle studied & graduated from the Victoria Toma Institute of Fashion & Design. Amongst the highlights during her 3 years of study include having the honour of being a 3 time semi-finalist in the prestigious Vodacom Durban July Young Designer’s Competition.

She was also honoured with the award for ‘Best Student of the Year’ in her first year and thereafter received the ‘Best Tailoring Student’ Award in both her 2nd and 3rd years. Danielle is however most proud of achieving her goal of customer satisfaction & bliss, everytime.

Danielle Nortier was established in 2012. The brand takes pride in it’s reputable identity of excellence, artistic flair and visual storytelling, thanks to a design elegance that challenges the banal & predictable.

"Custom made clothing is the most rewarding and personal thing you can own" 
- Danielle Nortier



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